Photo: Sam Insalaco

My real name is Sean, although most people know me as Henry. I'll tell you the story some time. 

I'm a multi-disciplinary and improvisational artist. Music, drawing, collage, photography, video, participatory performance art and more.

I have about 10 years of experience with Contact Improvisation and am a founding member of the Buffalo Contact Improv Collective (BCIC). I've been participating in Buffalo Infringement Festival for the last 9 years.

I'm also really into bikes and urban living. I've been working for GObike Buffalo for over 8 years in events, communications, education and development. 

I used to be much more of an activist, challenging mainstream consumer "culture," going to protests and supporting social justice movements. Lately I've been working on myself, being present with family and community. Less "down with the old," and more "build something new."

I'm focused on  being an awesome dad. I haven't yet reached the point where I'm shaking my head and saying, "Kids these days!" [Update: Yes, I have.] 

I have some ambitious projects in the works and would like to collaborate. Please feel free to get in touch.



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